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"No matter what you're going through, or what you've already been through, The Resilience Booklet is a source of strength that'll help you through your deepest valleys of despair."
- Dr. Robert & Donna Schuller
Former Senior Pastor of The Crystal Cathedral 
& "The Hour of Power"
"Personally or professionally, we all go through challenges. I have never met a person who hasn't had to bounce back from something. The Resilience Booklet will give you solid advice on how to get through the going through. Great little book!"
- Larry Winget
6X NYT/WSJ Bestselling Author, Hall of Fame Speaker, Social commentator and The Pitbull of Personal Development®
"There are two types of people in this world: those who bounce back from setbacks with power and confidence, and those who stay stuck and frustrated. This book will transform the way you think about your toughest challenges and deepest struggles so you can finally take your next step forward and come back stronger!"
- Chris Widener
Author of "The Art of Influence"
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Hi, I'm Brian Fleming. I'm a combat-wounded Afghanistan war veteran and I teach organizations how to develop more resilient leaders who thrive and succeed under pressure. 

I was awarded the Purple Heart after I was severely wounded in action by a suicide bomber who exploded 3-feet away from him in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

After enduring 14-horrific months of painful burn treatments, rehab, and reconstructive surgery (including PTSD, a Traumatic Brain Injury, and 2nd and 3rd degree burns), I desperately wanted my life and experiences to mean something. I began taking charge of my situation and was able to rebuild my life and career from the ground up.  

My core drive in life is to help other people just like you win their own daily battles.

Now, I'm privileged to serve as a Resilience Trainer & Keynote Speaker for the US Military on bases across the globe, as well as associations and Fortune 500 companies about how to use principles of human resilience to successfully overcome unexpected challenges and thrive in a disruptive environment.   

My family make our home near Dallas, Texas. 
Just because you're fighting a battle now doesn't mean you should have to fight that battle for the rest of your life. Take your next step forward today!
"The Resilience Booklet is genius! Super useful info and the ability to always have it with you is fantastic."
- Sam Horwitz,
9/11 World Trade Center Survivor
"I can't thank Brian enough for this book! I've read hundreds of books on resilience, war, self-help, and healing. The Resilience Booklet MUST be in every cargo pocket of every military member, every spouse, and every First Responder!"
- Erin, US Air Force
"Heck, the chapter called 'Three Common Habits Of The World's Most Resilient People' alone is worth the price of the whole book! Brian shows you how to get through your pain and back into a meaningful, productive life again."
- Sean Hyman
Editor of the Logical Investor Newsletter
"There's no BS in The Resilience Booklet, no promises of a magic potion or any weirdness. Just common sense advice with tried & true strategies for overcoming trauma that work."
- Daniel B.
Former US Army Paratrooper
  •  Trauma Survivors 
  •  Military Veterans/Military Families
  •   Law Enforcement/First Responders 
  •   Athletes
  •  Amputees & Burn Survivors
  •  Single Parents
  •   Disabled or Injured
  •  Struggle with Addiction
  •  People with Anxiety, Depression, or PTSD
  •  Lost a Loved One
  •  Injured in War
  •  Survivors of Abuse / Sexual Assault
  •  Fatherless Teenagers
  •  Victims of Violent Crimes
  •  Divorced or Widowed
  •   Teenaged Foster Children
  •   Laid Off or Lost Your Career
  •  ... and ANYBODY Who Is Facing a Major Life Challenge or Seeking a More Meaningful Life
  •  Pocket-Sized to Carry with You
  •  Short, Insightful Booklet You Can Read and Finish Quickly
  •  Fit in Your Cargo Pocket or Back Pack (for Military & Outdoor Enthusiasts!)
  •  Discover Strength You Didn't Know You Had
  •  Easy to Share With Friends & Loved Ones
  •  A Blueprint to Live a More Fulfilling Life, Starting Right Now!
  •  Move Beyond Your Self-Limiting Beliefs & Mental Barriers
  •  How to Stop Feeling Stuck & Take Your Next Step Forward
  •  Why You're Stronger Than You Think You Are
  •  How to Stand Firm When You Feel Like Giving Up
  •  Steps to Regain Control of Your Peace of Mind
  •  The Proper Perspective For Overcoming Suffering & Challenges
  •  How to Successfully Begin Navigating Beyond Loss & Trauma
  •  How to Find Friends Who Help You Overcome
  •  How to Transform Pain & Struggle Into Strength & Purpose
  •  How to Start Feeling Normal Again
  •  How to Be More Confident & Discover a New Sense of Freedom and Identity 
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Become the Next Inspiring Success Story Everyone Talks About
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"Bad things happen to us all, but they don't have to hold us captive. Although I've been told that before, this book worded it in a way that finally clicked! That was HUGE for my breakthrough! "
- Marsha A.
"I'm a single father and I struggle with PTSD from combat. It hasn't been easy. I've only read a few pages of this book so far and I'm just blown away..."
- John M.
Simply put: There isn't one. 
There are no hidden costs attached to this offer. Why would I do this?
Because I know what it's like to experience hell on earth, survive, and wonder if I'd be better off dead. You're not alone in your pain, challenges, or suffering. My parents had a very violent divorce when I was 12, people went to jail, I was alone. Then I woke up burned and bloody in a ditch in Afghanistan 9 years later after a suicide bomber tried to kill me, and then I had to deal with the effects of that attack after coming home. 

Yet, I was able to successfully and productively move forward in life beyond it all. I've been happily married for 13 years, have 2 beautiful kids, and live a very fulfilling, meaningful life. You're not alone in your battles. Other people understand your pain and can guide you. This book is packed with a lot of that advice so you won't have to struggle forever. If I made it, so can you!
We only printed 2,000 copies of this book and once they're gone- they're gone! Since we're giving them away free, we may not print more. Don't miss out. Get yours right now!

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I'm taking all the risk here. You can rip me off and that's fine. I'm willing to risk that happening by a few because I care about the thousands of others like you who will be helped by this book.
For the price of a fancy cup of coffee you can start rediscovering the personal freedom and fulfillment you've been searching for, but you MUST act now before we run out!
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